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2016 Tax Information

1st Day to File      January 29, 2018

Last Day to File      April 17, 2018

Last Day to File      w/Extension        October 15, 2018





California        Franchise Tax Board

Refund Status


We have partnered with Refund Advantage, a top provider of bank products for the e-filing industry, in order to provide refunds to our clients with absolutely NO Out-of-Pocket Expense. We are currently offering a "2 - Weeks or Less" refund or a basic e-file*

For an instant status report of your refund, click on a link below. You will be redirected to the appropriate website and asked to fill out an information form.

or simply call (888) 875-8372

REQUIRED INFORMATION :  Refund Dollar Amount (line 73 on 1040), SSN & Filing Status (Married Filing Jointly, Single or Head of Household)

Federal Refund Status

click here for 2-weeks or less federal refund status

click for basic e-file (4-6 weeks) federal refund status

California State Refund Status

click for California tax refund status


*Basic e-file customers will be asked to provide payment at time of tax preparation